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About VALUE+

  • What is Value+

    VALUE+ was an EU funded project consisting of 12 partner organisations across North West Europe. The aim of VALUE+ was to demonstrate how to combine strategic planning with local involvement to improve social cohesion and economic performance.

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  • Why we need to act now

    VALUE+ funded six capital investments in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. All the investments were made in urban areas that required top-down strategic planning approaches combined with bottom-up involvement from local people.

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  • Stakeholders in Value+

    There were a range of different groups of people involved in VALUE+. The 12 project partners will be directly involved in the project. South Yorkshire Forest Partnership and Sheffield City Council were the Lead Partners.

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Investment Sites

EU Champions

EU Champions were local people recruited from their community who were passionate about their local environment. The champions were linked to a local investment site being funded via VALUE+. They communicated and 'championed' positive stories and case studies from the VALUE+ Project specifically the benefits of being part of an EU-funded project.

Be an EU Champion