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EU Champions were local people recruited from their community who were passionate about their local environment. The champions were linked to a local investment site being funded via VALUE+. They communicated and 'championed' positive stories and case studies from the VALUE+ Project specifically the benefits of being part of an EU-funded project.

The European Union, and how and where it spends funding, are often viewed with some scepticism. Through VALUE+ the EU Champions  ‘championed’ the interesting green infrastructure/growth projects that the EU funds thus showcasing the positive benefits.

Read about our 14 EU Champions in the Strategy section (link above)

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What is your interest in the project?

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Peter de Langen


Why did I get involved?

In Amersfoort a new opportunity arose to join a participation process for Park Randenbroek, a participation process based on equality. All stakeholders, including the municipality, involved work together to develop a design for the Elisabeth location (part of the Park). There is no hierarchy within the work group and therefore the results is a real common product. This participation process is supported by the VALUE+ project.

What are the benefits?

Based on our first meeting with other EU champions I already can conclude that European cities vary in the way they involve local citizens in participant processes. It is of added value to us to hear and learn from methods, results and experiences in other cities and take them into consideration while working on the preparation of our local investment.

It is an interesting way to enlarge my network and to gain European knowledge on the various ways that citizens and town councils can work together.
In general there is a need to train more citizens to ensure more and better cooperation between citizens and government.

I would recommend other people to become a EU Champion because I believe that the real power of cities is based in small-scale citizen initiatives. Becoming a EU champion is a way to increase the recognition for these important small-scale initiatives.

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Peter de Langen

Peter de Langen