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Why We Acted

Major challenges faced the EU; demographic trends, climate change, biodiversity challenges and the need for sustainable growth - all requiring strategic approaches.

These couldnt be addressed using entirely local or bottom-up approaches. EU policies demanded greater public engagement to increase inclusion, strengthen territorial cohesion and deliver sensitive development meeting local needs.

Cities in northwest Europe faced similar issues to one another as funding was scaled back and urban centres became increasingly in need of green growth investment. Skilled people were encouraged to stay in our cities and to stimulate investment from business.

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How VALUE+ Addressed These Challenges

To address these challenges VALUE+ invested in green growth projects and also provided practical evidence in order to influence future planning policy and practice. It trained up EU Champions who communicated these messages down to grass roots groups.

As a result of VALUE+ local people felt more empowered to influence planning policy. Innovative planning approaches and techniques were used at the Investment Sites which can be replicated across the EU. See the web tools and decision making tool on the Strategy section (link above).