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What is VALUE+

VALUE+ was an EU funded project consisting of 12 partner organisations across North West Europe. The aim of VALUE+ was to demonstrate how to combine strategic planning with local involvement to improve social cohesion and economic performance.

This required a strategic and co-ordinated response. VALUE+ demonstrated how cities can best integrate bottom-up and top-down approaches. It showed how we can both deepen local participation and broaden involvement in strategy development. The VALUE+ Project took this opportunity to generate valuable green improvements to local growth, innovation and resilience strategies.

VALUE+ worked transnationally to involve citizens in spatial planning. It trained up an international team of ‘Local EU Champions’, involving them directly in the project’s delivery and promotion. Public engagement was ramped up over time, so that residents, businesses and politicians also become champions of the wider EU Project. This created an air of excitement and opportunity.

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VALUE+ main achievements were:

  • Developed network of 14 local EU Champions whom undertook consultation and ‘championed’ EU funded projects
  • Used innovative visualisation tools and sketching workshops to engage local people in urban design decisions
  • Broadened participation in strategic planning for green growth, including the targeting of capacity building and green retrofitting opportunities
  • Achieved long-term sustainability via enterprising partnerships such as meanwhile sites
  • Integrated tools for bottom-up localism and top-down strategy at community-led investment sites including a transnational conference
  • Created web based tools for decision making with local communities

The project was funded via the North-West Europe (NWE) Interreg IVB funding programme (visit NWE website) and addressed the NWE Programme’s priority to promote strong and prosperous communities at transnational level.